• By Appointment Only
  • Closed Federal Holidays for Check-in/Check-out

Our cattery is the ideal environment for feline relaxation! Our kitty suites are suited for guests of all breeds, ages, and personalities while offering the best in comfort and entertainment. Kitties can enjoy free roaming time in the cattery room to play on the cat trees, scratching posts, and toys galore. The XL tree is in front of a window to watch birds feeding and socializing.


In our Critter Cubby, we can provide care and a loving place to stay for your "Pocket Pets" while you are away. We board small reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs). Sorry, no birds.


Each Cat Lodge includes: 

Shelves, Views, toys, fluffy bedding, Litter box, & bowls. Room Service: purified water, meals. Housekeeping: litter pans, litter, bowls, & Laundry Service. Each guest is monitored daily for elimination and intake of food & water. Daily Playtime is available for eligible pets, only pets of same famly are allowed to play together. We spend a little time every day with each friend we have boarding with us. Tours of our facility are by appointment only during the business hours of the grooming salon. 


Health and Vaccinations:

Cats & Ferrets over 4 months are to be sterilized. Proof of current FVRCP & Rabies vaccinations. Outdoor cats must provide proof of recent deworming.  Long-term Cats must provide negative FIV/FELV test. Ferrets require current Rabies & Distemper Vaccinations & recent fecal test. All other boarding species must have had a fecal test and Veterinarian exam within the past year. Pets found to have parasites, we will provide the appropriate treatment at your expense. If your pet needs to wear a collar, it must be a breakaway collar.


Check-In and Check-Out:

By Appointment 8:00am-5:30pm. We are closed on Federal Holidays.


Family Kenneling:

Pets requested to kennel together must be compatible. Pets that require separate “free-feeding” must board separately. We can separate for short designated meal periods. 


Items to Bring:

  • Required Forms & Vaccination Records.

  • Do not bring valuable items or items that cannot be washed or sanitized.

  • Pet should arrive in carriers for safety.

  • Toys must be clean, hypoallergenic, no sharp edges or loose parts.  

  • Bring pet's regular diet of food & treats in a clean, re-sealable container & labeled with pets name. Bring a few extra meals in case of travel delays. If your pet runs out of food we offer varieties of dry and canned food and will use whatever is most similar to your cat’s normal diet for $1 per meal. We have a refrigerator and microwave to accommodate special diets. 



  • Evening Facetime- $5 night

  • Text/email $2- per each

  • Hammocks $5 per stay

  • Extra playtime $5 per hour

  • Massage Sessions $5

  • Grooming Services   

  • Pick-up/Drop Off $20 + $1 per mile.

    • We may offer ground transport service on a case-by-case basis. We offer a pick-up service from Nashville International or Lebanon Municipal Airports for long-term pets flying in. We can also assist with readying pets for travel back to you. Please contact us so we can discuss specific transport needs.


Critter Cubby:

  • Furry Pocket Pets: These pets must be dropped off in their clean & escape free quarters with fresh bedding and their favorite treats/toys. What to bring: Food (hay, vegetables, fruit, pelleted food), Treats, Extra bedding, Toys.

  • Reptiles, Amphibians, & Hermit Crabs: These pets must be dropped off in clean & escape free quarters with fresh bedding and/or substrate. Crabs need non-metal water dish. Power is available for small lights and rocks. What to bring: Food, Treats, Extra bedding &/or substrate, hiding places for quarters.

  •  Goldfish & Betta Fish: These pets must be dropped off in a small, clean & escape free tank. We are not equipped for more than 2-gallon tanks.  What to bring: Distilled water (if needed), Food & Treats.