Self Service:

Come use our Professional Facility to wash your own pet!  Leave the mess to us! We provide everything you need to keep your pets smelling and looking FRESH!

Thursday - Sunday

 Walk-in / FCFS

9am - 5:30pm


$10-$25 Depensing on coat & size



Self-Serve Bath Includes Access to:

  • Professional Raised Tub with Ramp

  • Adjustable water temperature

  • Waterproof apron

  • Use of brush, comb, & rubber scrubber

  • Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Ear cleansing solution & cotton balls

  • Nail Trimmers

  • Dryer and Towel

  • Clean and sanitized equipment



  • Premium Shampoos & Conditioners $1-5: Hypo-allergenic, Flea Solution, Whitening, Brightening, De-matting Products, "Fluff-Out" Spray, Skunk Odor Remover, Tar & Sulfur, Oatmeal

  • Medicated Shampoo $3-$7

  • Blueberry Facial Wash $1

  • Essential Oil $1

  • Toothbrush & Paste/Gel/Foam $3- keep the brush 

  • FURminators: $2 Rental 

  • De-matting tools: $1 Rental

  • Gland Expression $10

  • Professional Nail Trim $8

  • Professional Nail Trim & File $13



  • 6th Visit in 12 months: 50% off

  • Military & Certified First Responders: 25% Off

  • K-9 Officers: Free 

  • Shelter Rescue Pets: Free with-in first 14 Days 

  • 501(c)(3) Rescues- New intakes: 1stvisit Free, 2ndVisit 50% off


Before Your Visit:

  • Make sure pets have ample time to potty before leaving home.

  • Exercise your dog before coming. A brisk walk, or a game of fetch, will release built up energy and make bathing easier.

  • Brush your dog to remove loose fur, mats, or tangles. Bathing will only tighten the mats and set them deeper. * We have de-matting products for light matting.



  • Relieve your pet at the outdoor designated area prior to checking in. PICK UP!

  • Be courteous to others waiting, as we currently have 1 self-wash tub.

  • You may use the restraints in the tubs to prevent your dog from jumping out. 

  • DO not leave your pet unattended.

  • Take care of our equipment as if it were your own.

  • Notify us if there is a mess that needs to be cleaned up right away.

  • When finished, leave used tools in the tub to be sanitized.


Washing Tips:

  • Have Fun!

  • Adjust water temperature.

  • Thoroughly wet the coat to the skin. Avoid eyes, ears, & Nose!

  • Apply shampoo to coat. Professional shampoos will not have excessive suds. 

  • Rinse the shampoo completely.

  • If needed, you may repeat the process with conditioner.

  • The HV Blower may be used to remove excess hair and water from your pets’ coat. 

o  Be sensitive to possible fear of the noise and airflow.

o  Leave your pet in the tub when using the Blower.

o  Please close the curtain while using Blower.

o  Optional speed and heat are available at your own risk.

  • Dry pets feet to avoid slipping on floors during exit.