About us

Petopia Pet Salon


Jennifer and staff are dedicated to your pets needs. Petopia cares for your pet as if they were our own. We recognize that every pet and parent has individual needs, and we take pride in meeting them. We believe your pet's comfort is paramount to our success. 


Petopia's mission is to provide a stress-free positive environment that encourages your pet to enjoy their visit. The salon has an open floor plan which allows pets to feel involved with the activities. They feel as if they are part of the pack.


We offer 1 on 1 service for senior, anxious or nervous pets. Our speedy service is for owners who are in a rush. With these services we pamper only your pet from arrival to departure.



“My dog is more comfortable with you than any other groomer. The skin treatments are really helping her."  ​

- Honey's Dad,

     Robert Erdman