Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do I need an Appointment? Grooming Appointments are always best. Walk-Ins are accepted, based on Salon volume, 8am-3pm Thursday - Sunday. However, Appointment clients have priority. Clients that repeatedly cancel or are no shows, will not be given future appointments and must call for same day appointments. Be respectful. Boarding is by Appointment only, same day appointments available.


  • How long does grooming take? Usually 1-5 hours depending on the services needed, breed, temperament, and coat condition. We call you when your pet is ready for pick up. 


  • What payment methods are accepted? Cash & Check Preferred. Visa, MC, American Express, & Discover accepted- no other discounts apply.


  • Is Tax included? Sales Tax is charged at a rate of .10 cents per pet per bath service when added with grooming services, or 9.25% when provided as the only service. No sales tax on Self-service bathing or Boarding.



  • Can I stay while you groom my pet? This is not recommended. We are a small Salon and most pets will not cooperate while their owners are present. However, this service is available at extra charge & by appointment only. Not available Saturday. A fee will be charged for difficult pets, in addition to this special service.


  • Do we groom cats? Yes. We will groom them in the salon, or at your vet's office if sedation is needed.


  • Do you groom Exotic Pets? We will perform basic services on Exotics that have a Rabies Vaccination and are tame. Appointment required. 


  • Do you groom "aggressive breeds"? All breeds are welcome with rabies shot. We take each pet on it's own merit. 


  • Do you groom aggressive dogs? Some pets may need to be muzzled. Rabies Vaccination Proof & Appointment required. We will do what we feel safe at the salon, or at your vet's office if sedation is needed.


  • Can I tip the Groomer?  Yes. Tips for services are very much appreciated! :) 



Before Your Visit Tips:

  1. Make sure your pet has had ample time to relieve themselves before leaving home and before check-in.

  2. Brush your dog to remove mats or tangles, this will save on your grooming bill. ;)

  3. Exercise your dog before coming. A brisk walk or a game of fetch will release built up energy and make grooming easier.