Our Policy:


Below are various Forms that Clients are required to complete and sign upon the first visit. If you would like to save time you may download the form, and bring it with you completed along with your pet's Rabies certificate. Please keep a copy for your records.


• Pets must be relieved at the provided potty area PRIOR TO CHECK IN, & YOU are responsible for picking up after your pet.
• Pets MUST be on leash or in carrier at all times. ***Farm animals are on the property***
• Owner to provide proof of yearly Rabies vaccination, or Veterinarian waiver.
• Do not bring a female during her heat cycle. Please wait 2 weeks from cycle end.
• We require that you inform us if your pet:
-has fleas. If fleas are present a flea treatment is required, for an additional fee
-is ill or has shown unusual symptoms 
-has ever bitten, shown aggression, or fear
-has ever been attacked or abused
• We reserve the right to refuse any client for any reason. Disruptive or aggressive pets or people will be required to leave. 
• If you need to cancel we require 24 hour notice. 
• We reserve the right to charge a late, cancellation, or absentee fee for any service.
• Payment of cash or check is required at time of service.
• A $35 return check fee applies.
• You are responsible for any loss or damage caused by or to you, your pet(s), person(s), or property.    
• Use our facility and services at your own risk. 
• The gate opens 10 minutes prior to the first appointment. Do not honk. If gate is closed contact us.
• We will contact you when your pet is ready for pick up. Please pick up promptly. We are a small facility with limited space.
• If you must drop off early or pick up late, please communicate with us to make arrangements.



•  Petopia agrees to exercise all due and reasonable care to prevent injury, illness, loss, liability or damage to my pet(s), property, or person(s). However, Petopia, its employees nor its affiliates will be held liable or responsible socially, publicly, privately, or financially for any illness, injury, liability, loss, claims, suits, actions, or damage sustained by or to my person(s), pet(s), or property. 
•  In an emergency or natural disaster I agree to pay for any necessary treatment or services incurred by or to my pet(s), person(s), or property. If we cannot reach you or your alternate Contact, we will make healthcare decisions for your pet based on the recommendations of available professionals. You understand that it may not always be possible to safely evacuate your pet.
•  I agree to pay all charges at the time I pick up my pet, and Petopia reserves the right to not release my pet to me until all charges have been paid in full. I understand that if my pet is left overnight that Emergency Boarding Fees will apply, and if left for over 48 hours, it will be considered abandoned. 
•  All other Waivers apply.

  • I have read, understood, accept and agree to all conditions of Facility Policy.

  • I have read, understood, accept and agree to all conditions of non-liability for Petopia, LLC, and its affiliates.





Grooming & Self Wash Policy

Grooming Client Form